Cubic meters to Cubic feet Converter

Convert Cubic meters to Cubic feet

Welcome to the metric conversion page Cubic meters to Cubic feet. You can fill a value between Cubic meters and Cubic feet. To understand the conversion process, we have step-by-step instructions and direct conversion formulas.

Question: How to calculate m3 to ft3? Or How many m3 to ft3?
Answer: Type in either field below to convert from m3 to ft3 or from ft3 to m3.

Cubic meters (m³)


Cubic feet (ft³)

1 m³ = 35.31466672 ft³ 1 ft³ = 0.02831685 m³

Formula: Converter Guidelines / Converting Formula

1 *1000 l
*33.814 fl.oz.
1 l
*1 ft³
957.5065 fl.oz.
=35.31466672 ft³

Direct Conversion Formula

1 *1 ft³
=35.31466672 ft³

Conversion to common Volume units

cubic feet35.31466672
cubic meters1
cubic yards1.307950619
fluid ounces33,814.0227
gallons (liquid)264.1720524

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